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Manage your financial life with Accountee in the most effortless way.
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Manage your financial life with Accountee in the most effortless way. Accountee is a powerful finance management tool that will help you in keeping track of your earnings and expenses over the months.
Keep a close eye on all your bank accounts, personal funds and transactions in one place. Accountee lets you register various kinds of transfers that you make as payments (EXPENSES) or transfers that you receive from others (EARNINGS), in an easy-to-use interface. The app has been designed by giving importance to every detail of all kinds of transfers. Be it a cash or a bank transfer, Accountee gives you full access to keep a log of your finances.
We all make various kinds of transfer every month. Accountee focuses on helping you to get a complete picture of your finances, so that you can see and understand your finance for your self. Accountee is the most efficient way to enter your financial data and have an overview of your personal finance. All the data are stored locally on your Mac.
ENTER TRANSACTIONS WITH EVERY DETAIL: Add data whenever you make a transfer. Accountee lets you enter transactions with every detail of a transfer.
ALL IN ONE PLACE: Visualize all your finance data in one place for easy management and overview.

● ADD BANK: You can add as many Banks as you can. It also can be personal funds where you save money for other expenses. After adding a Bank, you will have to add an opening balance, so that you can get start with Accountee.
● ADD PAYEE OR PAYER NAMES: Add and save names of people that you frequently pay to or receive payments from. It will help you filter your transactions of a Payee or a Payer over a certain period of time.
● CHEQUE TRANSFER: Accountee is at its best when used for cheque management. You can register Bank transfers which are made with cheques. It gives you fields to enter cheque number and other important details for future reference. You can also mark the status of a cheque (Cleared / Bounced / Cancel) easily. The status of a check instantly reflects on your concerned account when you change it.
● POWERFUL SEARCH: You can search for a specific transaction from long list by using the Search Bar at the bottom of the App interface. This comes very handy for users who want to get their hands on a specific state.
● EARNING & EXPENSE GRAPH: Accountee will give a comprehensive overview of your earning and expenses on a simple graph.
● BACKUP & RESTORE DATA: Never lose your data by taking timely backup. All the backup files will be stored on your local hard drive. You can also restore it any time. Accountee offers both automatic and manual backup of your data.
● SHARE & ICLOUD SYNC: Share you data vial email. Or you can print a hard copy by exporting reports as PDFs. Sync with iCloud between iOS and macOS.
● SECURITY: Secure your data by configuring a password for Accountee. The password will be automatically stored on your Keychain, which will later be accessible from all your Macs.

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