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Absolute Radio Player is a streaming radio player for 5 stations (6 in the UK). All stations fall under the Absolute Radio brand, covering the 80's, 90's, 00's ("noughties"), classic rock, and contemporary music genres. In an "Extra" tab, live commentary on the EPL is apparently available to those in the UK; for me in the USA, all I got was a cryptic error message.

First off, it's worth noting that all these stations are available in iTunes under the "Radio" section. Absolute Radio Player doesn't provide any big advantage over iTunes or other radio playback applications except for the fact that it displays album artwork for the currently playing song and consolidates Absolute Radio channels into one place. There are still local UK ads in big blocks every few songs, forcing you to either endure the irritating irrelevancy of a rapidly spewed exhortation to come on over to Wickes, or else to switch to another station that will, no doubt, have similar ads on sooner than you would like.

Sam's Protip: If for some reason you're obsessed enough to look for Absolute Radio in other sources, like iTunes, note that not every station with "Absolute" in the name belongs to this company.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Provides album art, artist and song title for currently playing song
  • Several tabs provide quick options when ads come on


  • Big blocks of irrelevant ads, just like on conventional radio
  • Song titles may be incorrectly capitalized
  • App window cannot be closed without ending playback
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