Aabel 4.0

Statistics, exploratory data analysis, scientific graphing.
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Diverse statistical & exploratory data analysis methods Easy to use data-reduction techniques for complex multivariate data A unique pipeline design that allows real-time two-way interaction with data and makes multivariate & exploratory data analysis a breeze Interactive data visualization, a rich variety of graph types, and over 240 styles of data representation Thematic mapping and related importers & map projection utilities Native worksheets providing numerous data management tools, a formula editor, and other utilities Multidimensional data filtering comparable to a database search Diverse data import and graphic file export support, a data manipulator, flexible customizing tools, Unicode support, publication quality graphics, and more The v3 includes numerous new statistical analysis methods, extended exploratory tools, new multivariate techniques, diverse new graph types, extended data layout options for inferential tests, major overhaul for graph customizing UI, and much more. For details, view the list of new features

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