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"A-Bible" (Asia Bible) is Bible Study software that tightly integrates English...
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"A-Bible" (Asia Bible) is Bible Study software that tightly integrates English, Japanese, German, Chinese, Finnish, Korean and original language Greek. (see the videos at )
The versions included in this download are: the Kogoyaku 1955, as well as KJV (King James), ASV (American Standard), Emmaus Publishers NT, Tsukamoto NT, Bungoyaku NT, Chinese Union version (both in Simplified and Traditional).
Menus and Dialogs can be in English, Japanese, German, or Finnish regardless of the OS setting (viz. you can have English menus on a Japanese system).
Features include:
(for more information see: http://www.abiblesoftware.com/abible/A-Bible_Features_-E.html )
Furigana from the 1955 Kogoyaku displayed inline.
You can COMPARE up to 5 versions in one window.
You can have two versions INTERLACED verse by verse.
You can search using a compare function that shows verses with word 'A' in one version and AND, OR, NOT word 'B' in the other version (e.g. search for 'ai' in the Shinkaiyaku that is NOT translated 'love' in the NIV).
Use REGEX directly for searching.
Set the RANGE of searching to an individual book or a collection of books.
View full texts of Cross References, read dictionary entries about key words and see furigana by moving the mouse over the text with the option key down.
Easy one-step COLLECTION of multiple passages for copy and paste saves time and hassle of view/copy/paste of each verse.
You can add NOTES to each chapter and view them in any version.
You can control the reference LAYOUT of the book, chapter, verse and text of the chapters.
Classic Bible DICTIONARY collection - Naves, Eastons and Smiths - directly accessible from within the Bible text or in a separate window.
STRONG'S numbers in the KJV, NAS, all German versions (except Elberfelder 1871 and NeÜ) and all Greek versions (except UBS)
Strong's Greek and Hebrew dictionaries (included). NAS Greek and Hebrew dictionaries with NAS add-on (available separately).
The following versions are NOT INCLUDED in the base set above but are available as add-on modules that can be purchased SEPARATELY for "A-Bible":
Japanese - Shinkaiyaku 3rd ed with furigana, Shinkyodoyaku, Kogoyaku 2008, Japanese Living Bible, Gendaiyaku
English - ESV, NIV, NAS
Greek - UBS 4, Stephen 1550, Scrivener 1894, Westcott-Hort, W-H Nestles 27, Tishendorf 8th, Byzantine Majority text
Korean - Korean Living Bible
Chinese - New Chinese Bible (both in Simplified and Traditional)
German - Luther 1545, Luther 1912, Elberfelder 1871, Elberfelder 1905, NeÜ, Schlachter 1951.
Finnish - 1938, 1992

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