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Removed 5 years ago
Thunderbird - As of July 2012, Thunderbird has transitioned to a new governance model...
Updated 5 years ago
iBooks Author
iBooks Author - Create, export, and share your own textbooks on your Mac.
Removed 5 years ago
System Lens
System Lens - System Lens lets you know which apps are overusing your CPU resources.
MacSaber - MacSaber turns your Mac, by using its sudden motion sensor, into a Jedi weapon.
MacPaw Gemini
MacPaw Gemini - With MacPaw Gemini you can locate duplicates and eliminate them from your Mac.
Updated 5 years ago
SyncMate - Sync Mac & Android, iOS, cloud storages, Windows services, MTP & mounted devices
Removed 5 years ago
SuperDuper! - Advanced, yet easy to use disk copying program.
Ondesoft ScreenCapture
Ondesoft ScreenCapture - Currently the most powerful screen grabbing utility for the Mac OS...
Mountain Tweaks
Mountain Tweaks - Brand new tweaking tool to deal with the annoying changes in OS X 10.8 -- with just a click of a button.
Installed 5 years ago
XQuartz - Community supported version of the X11 server for Mac OS X.
VoiceOver Utility
VoiceOver Utility - VoiceOver describes aloud what appears on your computer screen.
Console - The Console utility allows you to monitor system logs from a central location.