To-do List

Todoist: To Do List | Task List
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Doist Ltd.
This program was designed for people who are dealing with busy work schedules and require extra help...
not all of the listed...access your to-do list on your iCalendar, etc
The Hit List
Potion Factory
The Hit List is a very complete task management tool. It allows you to easily...
easily add tasks to a list. Adding new tasks...so on. The Hit List supports both tags, contexts
File List Export
Giorgos Trigonakis
An easy-to-use application that will help you create lists of files for any need...
select a folder and get a list...Preview and edit the list before exporting
Guest List Organizer
Denys Yevenko
Guest List Organizer is exactly what its name implies: a program that comes in handy when planning...
immediately access the guest list of a certain...PDFs containing guests lists and print
Property List Converter
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Aaron Golden
Property List Converter can convert property list and JSON files to either XML property...
XML property list, binary property list, or JSON...to convert. Property List Converter will convert
Quick List
Quick List is a very easy to use application that offers you the possibility to quickly manage your to...
manage your to-do lists from the commodity...your status bar. Quick List does not interrupt
eMail List Builder
Maxprog (max Programming Llc)
eMail List Builder is a very powerful and reliable tool that allows you to build ready-to...
duplicates. eMail List...other application. eMail List
File list to Excel
Giorgos Trigonakis
File list to Excel offers an easy way to list a folders content to an Excel spreadsheet. Just select a folder...
select a folder and get a list...and filter the file list records. You can select
Magic Sort List
iRedSoft Technology Inc
Magic Sort List allows you to sort spreadsheet files. Main features...
Main features: - Sort list in either the ascending...headers in a sorted list. Can help
Friends List
Giorgos Trigonakis
Friends List allows you to export your Facebook friends list to Excel. For every friend you get: - First Name...
export your Facebook friends list to Excel
Make a List
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Filippo Maguolo
Make a List! offers a fast and easy way to create free unlimited lists, all synchronized...
to create free unlimited lists, all synchronized...as many lists as you wish. Each list supports
File list Export Lite
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Giorgos Trigonakis
This application helps you create list of files for any need. You can list all your photos...
application helps you create list...allows you preview the list before export
CM Sort List
Complete Magic Apps
CM Sort List is a small but useful app which allows you to sort your list...
use a Load List to import a list to the app...the sorted list, please email your list to support
Hub List
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Hub List
Meet Hub List, the productivity app that works the way you do. Meet Hub List, the productivity app that works...
Meet Hub List, the productivity app...! A Web version of Hub List is currently being developed
ARTIS Simple List
ARTIS Software
Simple List is a straightforward to-do list application that doesn't get in your way...
straightforward to-do list application...to-to lists...the to-do list together
Send Reading List to Instapaper
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Jim DeVona
Send Reading List to Instapaper is an easy to use application for Mac...
send your unread Reading List articles to Instapaper...from your Reading List
CM Sort List NX
Complete Magic Apps
CM Sort List NX allows you to sort text list in either Ascending or Descending Order...
to sort a list. CM Sort List NX's secret...instance, your ignore prefix list can include "A", "An
My Reading List
My Reading List - Access your iCloud Reading List in your default browser...
Reading List - Access your iCloud Reading List...stored in your Reading List (from iCloud)
Font List
rating Softlibs
Font List help developers improve their development efficiency. The application...
Font List help developers improve...Font List、iOS device Font List, and Favourite Font List
List Pad (PowerPC)
rating Taylor Design
List Pad is a flexible, simple list manager for keeping track of various lists and tidbits of information...
do lists, shopping lists, reminders, important dates, goals--any list