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Frontline Commando
Glu Mobile
Frontline Commando is a freemium over-the-shoulder shooter game. The player has a choice of weapons...
...and a more coherent backstory. Sam's Protip: Although headshots increase...
Tal Shrestha
Instalyrics is a music lyrics finder that lives in the menu bar. It supports instant search for currently playing...
...may be simple discographies. Sam's Protip: Look up Kissthisguy...
Crazy Monster Truck Escape
In Crazy Monster Truck Escape, you get to drive a monster truck against highway traffic...
...selected independent of character. Sam's Protip: Driving through the...
The Mystery of the Crystal Portal
Artogon Games & G5 Entertainment AB
The Mystery of the Crystal Portal is a hidden object and puzzle game that takes place...
...so I suppose that's something. Sam's Protip: Don't worry too...
Bombshells: Hell's Belles
Glu Games, Inc.
Bombshells: Hell's Belles is a combat flight simulator game...
...cause dysfunction upon impact. Sam's Protip: Something's weird about...
Fire Ball
Oye Faction
Fire Ball is a Zuma clone that replicates the original's gameplay almost exactly. It goes so far as to use...
...of, among other faults. Sam's Protip: Apple shouldn't have...
Screen Snake
Screen Snake is a customizable game of Snake that uses whatever's on the screen as its backdrop. It keeps a high score...
...for a short-lived game. Sam's Protip: Want to fast...
Shadow Era: Dark Prophecies
Wulven Game Studios
Shadow Era is a freemium virtual collectible card game in which players take turns summoning allies...
...more time than money. Sam's Protip: Having multiples of...
Dustin Senos
LittleIpsum is a stock text generator that copies a specified volume of Latin text...
...'t, LittleIpsum is a great match. Sam's Protip: Use a right-click...
Desktop Aquarium 3D LIVE Wallpaper & ScreenSaver
Useless Creations, PTY LTD
3D Desktop Aquarium is an aquarium simulator that can be run as a dynamic wallpaper and/or...
...in a variety of sizes. Sam's Protip: It appears that...
Pocket Planes
NimbleBit LLC
Pocket Planes is a freemium airline management simulation game with pixel...
...give this a download pronto. Sam's Protip: The letter next...
FCB Regal Shootout
FC Barcelona
FCB Regal Shootout is a physics aiming game that takes the form of a side-on basketball shootout...
...still a pretty vanilla experience. Sam's Related Factoid: FCB stands...
Battery Guard
Avocado Hills, Inc.
Battery Guard is a battery charge and health monitor that resides exclusively in the menu bar...
...customizable battery menu icon. Sam's Protip: My one dismal...
Marble Arena 2
Mihai Gabriel Ailioai
Marble Arena 2 is a level-based 3D platformer game where the player controls a spinning marble...
...Not a lot of fun. Sam's Protip: Read the question...
Recording Pro
It's somewhat strange that OS X doesn't come with a utility application for simply recording audio input...
...screens and keyboard use. Sam's Protip: Recording Pro is...
Burp and Fart Piano
Sam Meech Ward
Burps and farts are funny! If you dont think they are, dont download this app. With this app you can...
Burps and farts are funny! If you dont think they are, dont download this app. With this app you can...
Mahjong Artifacts®
G5 Entertainment AB
Mahjongg Artifacts is a comprehensive mahjong solitaire game. It includes a quest mode, which follows a story in comic...
...solitaire fan in general. Sam's Protip: Target the tallest...
Feral Interactive Ltd
Bioshock is a survival horror first-person shooter adventure set in an undersea Objectivist dystopia...
...you as you explore. Sam's Protip: Keeping track of...
Armagetron Advanced
Armagetron Advanced Team
Armagetron Advanced is a Tron light cycle game clone with 3D graphics and multiplayer...
...unthinkable for the novice. Sam's Protip: By default, the...
dot3 labs LLC & Lee Salzman
Cube 2: Sauerbraten is a 3D first-person shooter that features multiple single-player campaigns, online multiplayer...
...experienced and fair players. Sam's Protip: Zoomed aiming can...

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