VectorWand 1.2

paint-on effects plugin toolbox for Illustrator

Please note - the toolkit demo set is very limited with this plugin tool. It displays purely in outline and as soon as you release the mouse the modifications disappear. Also the color modifications are not visible. The toolkit demos are fairly limited and does not show the 1000s of features and illustration designs this plugin cannot create. You will not be able to 'save' any paths with the demo. PLUGIN SET Plugin toolkit for Adobe Illustrator (r) CS2 CS1 10 - Andrew's (vector) plugins vol 7 "Vector wand" Paint on effects such as scaling, color, stroke width, opacity, rotation, gradients, patterns, swatches, styles, fills, blur, stroke channels, intensity, blend modes, distortions, point shifts, mesh settings, warp mesh, point shifting, point manipulation, warps Plugin toolbox for Illustrator CS2 12 CS1 11 10 tool Plugin comes with 19 plugins, all have their own options Plugin set also includes many global settings for trailing / duplication of modified paths for layers, animations, as well as randomization settings, many different brush shapes, apply vectorwand using art pad / pressure to create subtle applications of effects To use, select paths and apply the brush to the required area, to modify only part of a set of paths Mesh tool requires a mesh to be selected, apply the mesh paint tool to create subtle mesh color designs, paint designs and more Set also comes with a number of bonus items + documentation Adobe and Illustrator are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated
What's new in this version:
Scaling tool: Added min and max setting for the application to scaling tool Scaling tool: Added range dropdown to vary the application of max and min Corner tool: Added option to use the percentage as an option or the point setting or set to entered + fixed a few settings bugs Added new mesh color tool .. if mesh nodes under brush etc then apply color settings to the current node or not Added point test / brush shape for point related tools

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