Rename Documents

Name Mangler
Many Tricks
Name Mangler is a utility that enables you to batch rename your files with minimum effort. The application supports...
...want to give your documents more suggestive name ...worked flawlessly. It renamed the imported files...
Disk Order
LikeMac Group
Disk Order is a feature-rich dual pane file manager for Mac that comes as an alternative to handling folders and documents...
...handling folders and documents with Finder (Mac ...Mac, and batch rename documents. Furthermore, Disk...
Jonathan Clark
Rename is, as its name suggests, a program that helps you change the file name of your documents...
...name of your documents. This application might ...any support for batch renaming folders, a feature...
Easy Rename
Valeriy Chevtaev
Easy Rename is a program for Mac that helps you batch rename files and folders with little effort...
...and click the Rename button. Another advantage of ...To conclude, Easy Rename proves to be a great...
HexMonkey Software
This Mac utility comes in handy if you wish to replace the text content or the filenames of your documents...
...filenames of your documents with minimum effort ...and quick way to rename documents on your computer...
Perfect Rename
cf/x Ltd.
Perfect Rename is a simple yet effective Mac utility for users who wish to change the names of their files with minimum...
...of your work documents to reveal more ...choose from various file renaming profiles, and immediately...
Better Rename 10
Frank Reiff
Better Rename is a utility that can help you rename files in batches...
...possible to create a renaming pattern, which i ...proceeding to actually rename them. Unfortunately...
File Rename Pro
File Rename Pro lets you rename a number of files quickly and easily...
...Rename Pro a very powerful rename tool for general file renames, for renaming...
FileName Changer - Easy Renaming Tool
New Technologies
FileName Changer - Easy Renaming Tool allows you to change your files format. Main features...
...Changer - Easy Renaming Tool allows you ...: - Useful tool for renaming files in large quantities...
Mass Rename
Giorgos Trigonakis
Mass Rename is an easy and fast utility to batch-rename multiple files on your Mac...
...fast utility to batch-rename multiple files on ...you want to rename and choose a rename action. You...
Digital Paper App
Sony Corporation
Digital Paper App (DPA) enables you to connect DPT-RP1 & DPT-CP1 to your computer so you can easily manage the files...
...can view, transfer and rename documents as well as change...
FTP On The Go
Fututime Inc.
FTP On The Go offers a simple and easy way to access an FTP server focused on speed...
...manipulate files, upload, download, rename documents, and edit server files...
Badia Software
Printools provides prepress and printing professionals with a powerful collection of printing tools for automated...
...batch printing of multiple documents, rename at print, print to...