Notification Scripts

Notification Mail
free rating
Jean-Yves Lefort
Mail Notification monitors your mailboxes for new mail. When new mail arrives, Mail Notification alerts you by displaying...
mail arrives, Mail Notification...be played, and notifications containing useful action
Today Scripts
free rating
Sam Rothenberg
Today Scripts is a widget for running scripts in the Today View in OS X Yosemite's Notification Center...
Notification Center. Main features: - Custom Interpreters: When setting up a script
Mail Scripts Installer
free rating
Andreas Amann
MacOS X's Mail and Address Book have large AppleScript...
decided to write some scripts to ease workflow...(Panther) all scripts have been completely
IP Notification
Rebrand Software
IP Notification is a network...
allows you to receive notification whenever your IP
Save Scripts as Text
free rating
Jonathan Nathan
Drag and drop scripts (or folders full of scripts...
and drop scripts (or folders full of scripts)...folder, and this script
iBackground Scripts
free rating
Tom X
iBackground Scripts allows you to set your script to run in the background and will not display in the Dock...
you to set your script...no longer be a background script and will display
Notification for Gmail
Sharcky Mac Inn
Notification for Gmail is a simple application that notifies you when receiving new e-mail on your Gmail...
Notification for Gmail is a simple...You get a pop-up notification with each incoming e-mail
WBC iTunes Scripts Collection
free rating
Wooden Brain Concepts
Script collection that works with iTunes, in conjunction with other programs...
) [screen shot], WBC iTunes Scripts for Big Cat, WBC...shot], WBC Grab Bag scripts (mostly for ID3 tag
Mail Scripts
free rating
Andreas Amann
Mail Scripts is a collection of scripts that try to fill this gap...
others, it includes scripts to archive mail messages...text files. All scripts are AppleScript
Apple Disk Copy Scripts
free rating
AppleScripts that extend the functionality of Disk Copy, version 6.3 or greater. They are provided as examples...
Copy. When a Scripts folder containing AppleScripts...Copy named "Scripts". AppleScripts selected
Confluence Notification
free rating
** And now for FREE ** Confluence Notification is an extension for those who are using...
** Confluence Notification is an extension...receive their Confluence's notifications on their mac
Alert Notification
free rating
DrayTek Corp
Alert Notification is a UDP (Syslog) based utility that supervises the receiving and parsing...
Alert Notification is a UDP (Syslog)
Aha Notification
Aha Notification is a simple and easy to use application that allows you to view iPhone...
Aha Notification is a simple...you to view iPhone Notification Center
PrintPath Notification Agent
free rating
Prism Software Corporation
PrintPath Notification Agent is a client app for PrintPath, a print tracking and accounting application...
application. Notification Agent...optional informational notifications
Creative Suite 2 Workflow Automation Scripts
free rating Adobe Systems
This is an update to the Workflow Automation Scripts that shipped with Creative Suite 2.
This is an update to the Workflow Automation Scripts that shipped with Creative Suite 2
Clipboard Scripts
rating Automated Workflows, LLC
"Clipboard Scripts" is a package of 20 AppleScripts...
tasks. "Clipboard Scripts" are accessed...more! A 5-script "Clipboard Scripts" package
Hubi's Finder Scripts
free rating Hubis
Collection of "usefull" Finder scripts I wrote the last few days so probably...
Collection of "usefull" Finder scripts...made by finder scripts...let me know =)
Red Bird's Quick Scripts
free rating Red Bird Island
This is a collection of AppleScript scripts designed to preform common tasks automatically. Included in this release...
a collection of AppleScript scripts designed to preform common...Up, a simple script to back up
Hubi's iTunes Scripts
free rating Hubis
rename & move your mp3s/aacs/aiffs/wavs -files by ID-Tag info manage/fix...
remove missing tracks" script..."switch..." script Some other bugfixes
iChatStatus Scripts
free rating Typophile
I've loved iChatStatus ever since it came out. I wrote these 3 text manipulation...
3 text manipulation scripts and thought...Jabberwocky - This script rotates between 9