Item Prices

Prices Drop Monitor for Amazon
Delite Studio S.r.l.
Prices Drop Monitor for Amazon is, as its name clearly states, a program that lets you know...
...testing, I tried to monitor price drops for an e-book ...monitor up to 20 items at a time. Though, you...
Disable Auto Add Login Item
Status Item Checker
Schliep GmbH
Status Item Checker is a tool for developers to test and compare status items. With this app, you're able to compare up...
...can simply drag a status item image to field 1, 2 ...delete the other status items. In the preferences...
Services Contextual Menu Item Utility
By default, only five service menu items will be displayed on a contextual menu before they are moved to a Services sub...
...only five service menu items will be displayed on ...number of service menu items displayed to up to...
Automator Multi-Item Processing Utility
Automated Workflows, LLC
Automator Multi-Item Processing Utility leverages the power of Automator workflows: When they are built to process...
...The Automator Multi-Item Processing Utility provide ...Automator Multi-Item Processing Utility will...
Multi-Item Edit
Doug Adams
This applet will allow you to edit most tags (and some additional options) of the selected track(s) in a single floating...
...pre-iTunes 12 "multiple items" format; that is, a checkbox...
LoL Item Customizer
Lol mac team
This application provides an easy way to change recommended items for any champ. LoL Item Customizer is a program...
...default Recommended Items for each champion. Recommended Items display in...
Active Page Item Developer
Rorohiko Workflow Resources
Active Page Item Developer helps rapid software development for InDesign – it allows software developers to create...
Active Page Item Developer help ...(JavaScript). Active Page Item Developer resolves the shortcomings...
Patrick Brans
BrickStock is an open source convenient shopping tool for BrickLink buyers...
...purchase all of the items in a Stud.io ...stores by comparing item prices and estimated shipping...
Item Informant
Steve Warren
Item Informant allows you to add comments to a file that is listed in the Extension Manager's "show item info" window.
Item Informant allows you to ...the Extension Manager's "show item info" window.
US Gas Prices
With US Gas Prices, you can see what gas prices are around the country at a glance. The usage and pricing of gasoline...
...glance. The usage and pricing of gasoline (or ...such as crude oil prices, processing and distribution...

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