Find File Content

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iMediaHUD is a program that provides you with detailed information regarding your media files...
...default application for managing files, Finder, doesn't ...price tag, I can't find any reasons why you...
FoneDog PDF Compressor
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FoneDog Technology Limited
FoneDog PDF Compressor offers a simple and convenient solution to compress large PDF documents...
...hacked or the file content stolen by unauthorized ...save the resulting compressed file at a computer...
Duplicate File Doctor
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Day 1 Solutions SRL
Duplicate File Doctor is designed to help you identify and remove duplicate files from your...
...the advantage to find all the ...within specified file extensions. Unfortunately, file category filters...
File Rename Pro
File Rename Pro lets you rename a number of files quickly and easily...
...check the contents of the files you are ...minded powerful Regular Expression find and replace option...
File Comparator
Description With File Comparator, you can find duplicates files on your disk...
...save disk space by finding duplicates file on your disk...
Hankinsoft Development Inc
UnZipIt allows you to easily see the contents of your zip files before extracting them. It will allow you...
...see the contents of your zip files before ...Features - Optional file association for easily managing...
Package Inspector
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Newton Research
The Newton Package Inspector is a simple-to-use, yet powerful Mac OS X application that displays a summary of the parts...
...is more, the contents can be exported into a text file.
Who Keeps My File
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BlitzClick Software
Who Keeps My File is a small and handy application that helps you find which apps or system processes...
...you find which apps or system processes keep files open...
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Image-to-PDF-Free is a straightforward application that allows you to convert image files into PDF...
...to read the image file content and it offers you ...you turn the content of your image files into PDF...
Winmail.dat Viewer and Opener
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Anobot LLC
Winmail.dat Viewer and Opener lets you view the attachments in those pesky Winmail...
...pesky Winmail.dat files. The application extract ...every file contained in a Winmail.dat file quickly...
Easy Find
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DEVONtechnologies, LLC
Think Mac OS X's Spotlight could use some help, especially when searching for text files? Download EasyFind...
...) Spotlight and find files, folders, or contents in any file without indexing...
Firecoresoft PDF Converter
In order to re-use the PDF text for new projects, for example, copy or modify the PDF file...
...or modify the PDF file content, you will have ...into a variety of file formats including Word (.docx...
Find And Replace It
dProg - Philippe Docourt
Find & Replace It! is a powerful search and replace utility. It allows performing...
...without first modifying the content. Finally, if you ...large files, say running into 10 GB, Find &...
File Viewer Express
Accessory Software
File Viewer is an multi purpose Disk/File Management Program with functions...
...each File. Find and Unzip Zip files. Package files in Zip file to...
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Cyanfish Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd.
ideaJET collects all of your reference in one place so you will never the duplicate...
...never the duplicate same files in your working folder ...smart color labels to find out quickly the...
File Pad - Smart Notes
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New Technologies
File Pad - Smart Notes is a multi-window application for easy working with groups of files...
...working with groups of files. It helps you to ...different files on your computer and allows you to find...
Find Any File
Thomas Tempelmann
Find Any File comes as an alternative to using Mac's Spotlight tool for searching files...
...use this utility to find files that are located on...
Find Any File copie
Thomas Tempelmann
Find Any File 4
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Facebook wants to combat video piracy by allowing the actual creator of the content to claim the ad revenue for the pirated media.
HBO hack leakes Game of Thrones content online HBO hack leakes Game of Thrones content online
HBO has recently been hacked and the attackers have managed to steal the screenplay for a Game of Thrones episode among 1.5 terabytes of other data.
Safari's latest version tries to find problematic websites Safari's latest version tries to find problematic websites
The latest version of Safari introduces a new tech called "differential privacy", which allows the browser to identify problematic websites by collecting user browsing data.
Use PassProtect to find out if your password has been hacked Use PassProtect to find out if your password has been hacked
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