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This program provides you with info regarding media files within your Mac.
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iMediaHUD is a program that provides you with detailed information regarding your media files. This utility might come in handy whenever you wish to compare details about two multimedia files or just need to learn more about a song or video within your Mac.

Mac's default application for managing files, Finder, doesn't give you access to many information regarding your videos and songs. It only provides you with basic details such as kind, size, sample rate, duration, audio channels, etc.

iMediaHUD offers you in-depth info about songs (audio codecs, Internet media type, overall bit rate mode, stream size, compression mode, etc.) and videos (codec ID, header size, encoded date, resolution, pixel aspect ratio, etc.) which you can use for easily comparing or analyzing media files. These details can be exported or printed directly from the app's main window.

The one thing I don't like about this app is the fact that it doesn't offer you any settings. For example, if you click outside the program's window, it immediately disappears. Also, an option to set the transparency level of the main screen would have been useful.

All in all, it's worth installing and working with iMediaHUD on your Mac. And since it comes without a price tag, I can't find any reasons why you shouldn't try it on your computer.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Simple to handle
  • Provides you with accurate info regarding media files
  • Lets you export or print file information
  • Free


  • Lacks program preferences
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