Clipboard Link

Clipboard History
Raul Ignacio Verano
Named Top Ten Micro App by Lifehacker! "Clipboard History Provides a Simple, Unobtrusive Stream of Your Clipboard...
...your hard disk. Clipboard History persists your ...and system crashes! Clipboard History is an...
Flycut (Clipboard manager)
General Arcade
This utility was created to offer you a simple way to keep track of your clipboard entries...
...of your clipboard entries. Flycut (Clipboard manager) ...simple yet powerful clipboard manager for your...
SpeedCap offers you an easy way of sharing a screen capture. The program gives you the ability to select...
...sharing instantly with the link automatically copied to your clipboard.
Clipboard Center
Jeremy Marchand
Clipboard Center lets you expand the possibilities of your system’s clipboard...
...application avoids the clipboard’s limitation of storing ...is recorded by Clipboard Center. Similarly...
Clipboard Evolved
Mach Software Design
Clipboard Evolved makes it fun and easy to organize your data in a user-friendly clipboard...
...Unlike most other clipboard managers, which either ...window or a menu, Clipboard Evolved offers both a...
Clipboard Cleaner
Mobile Vision Software Group, LLC
Clipboard Cleaner is a clipboard utility for Mac. The application serves one purpose...
...you can tell Clipboard Cleaner to automatically ...option. I tested Clipboard Cleaner by opening an...
Clipboard Master
Everyday Tools
Clipboard Master is a perfect tool for viewing the clipboard on your Mac. It grants you an opportunity...
...were added to the clipboard since the moment you ...they appeared in the clipboard, so you can easily...
Text Clipboard
Bruno Martins
Text Clipboard lets you keep control of your clipboard. Copy and paste like a pro! Copy...
...clipboard with Text Clipboard. Now Text Clipboard ...?+Command ?+K.) Text Clipboard stays in your menu...
Clipboard Pimper
Catzware Inc.
Clipboard Pimper is an application that lets you manage and get control of your clipboard with ease...
Clipboard Pimper is an application ...get control of your clipboard with ease. With this...
Clipboard Ripper - Easy Clipboard Management
Sharcky Mac Inn.
Clipboard Ripper is a clipboard management tool for Mac. Also, this application saves all your clipboard...
Clipboard Ripper is a clipboard management tool for ...saves all your clipboard history in the...
Link to Address Book
John Maisey
Link to Address Book is an easy to use AppleScript based tool that will automatically make a link...
...will automatically make a link on the clipboard to the first ...in Address Book. The link will be in the...
Clipboard Center Pro
XiaoChun Liu
Clipboard Center Pro allows you to access your clipboard's history. The icon sits on the menu...
...you to access your clipboard's history. The icon sits...
Copy Clipboard History
Sivakumar S.
Copy Clipboard History is a clipboard manager for your Mac. This app remembers all the text you...
Copy Clipboard History is a clipboard manager for your Mac ...be copied to the clipboard. Then, you can...
Clipboard Scripts
Automated Workflows, LLC
"Clipboard Scripts" is a package of 20 AppleScripts, which may be used by virtually...
...while performing everyday tasks. "Clipboard Scripts" are accessed through...