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Clipboard Cleaner 1.3

Clipboard Cleaner removes formatting from text that you copy to your clipboard.
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Mobile Vision Software Group, LLC

Clipboard Cleaner is a clipboard utility for Mac. The application serves the only purpose: to remove formatting from text that you copy to your clipboard. This is something that most users will probably not need in their lifetime. But there are users who utilize this feature all the time. Coders and users who deal with plain text are the two types of users that come to mind. Clipboard Cleaner runs in the menu bar. From its menu, you can clear the formatting from any text that is on the clipboard. You can access this feature with a hot key as well. Additionally, you can tell Clipboard Cleaner to automatically remove any formatting from anything that gets copied onto the clipboard. There is an option on this menu to change the menu bar icon, but that is just an aesthetic option.

I tested Clipboard Cleaner by opening an Open Office document and creating a formatted sentence. Then I copied the text to the clipboard, removed the formatting and pasted it. The app worked just fine. I did the same with the automatic feature, and I got the same results.

José Fernández
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