9 Clues: The Secret Of Serpent Creek

9 Clues: The Secret Of Serpent Creek 1.0

9 Clues: The Secret Of Serpent Creek is a puzzle game for Mac.

9 Clues: The Secret Of Serpent Creek is a puzzle game that provides you with a spooky story about a mysterious town. Your objective is to find your friend, Helen Hunter, who has disappeared when she investigated some frightening things in the haunted city.

The introductory video shows you some information which might come in handy while solving the case and understanding what's happening in the town. On your journey, you will interact with various characters, solve a wide variety of puzzles, and collect clues from every explored scene.

Even though the game scenes and cinematics won't impress you much, the hidden object and other puzzles locations are nicely-drawn, with stunning details. Plus, you can always toggle windowed or fullscreen mode, change the difficulty level, and access the integrated help guide.

Another advantage is that the app allows you to create as many player profiles as you want and it will automatically save the game progress for all users.

Briefly, 9 Clues: The Secret Of Serpent Creek is an addictive puzzle game with a fascinating plot and challenging riddles. In addition, it comes with an affordable price.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Nicely-drawn artworks
  • Provides you with over 50 locations
  • Offers you many puzzles
  • Automatically saves gameplay progress
  • Available in many languages


  • None
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