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5DtoRGB converts HDSLR video files to ProRes QuickTime files.
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5DtoRGB is an awesome tool that extracts every last drop of video quality from cameras that record to the AVC/H.264 video format. Cameras like the Canon EOS series of HDSLRs record video in this format with subsampled YCbCr color. Because of this compression, the video is at risk of massive quality loss during the post production pipeline. By using a very high quality conversion process, 5DtoRGB gets you as close as possible to the original data off the camera's sensor while putting the brakes on any additional quality loss. In short, it'll make your footage look just plain amazing!

5DtoRGB is designed to transcode your footage to a camera master format, either as Apple ProRes QuickTime files or DPX files. This master format is a much higher quality version of the original footage off the CompactFlash card, and is suitable for editing or visual effects purposes. Transcoding to DPX is useful for visual effects creation (like pulling mattes from green screen footage), as DPX files are uncompressed and retain the most image quality. Furthermore, visual effects compositing programs like After Effects or Nuke work with RGB color (not YCbCr, which is the camera's native format), and so a YCbCr to RGB conversion must be performed by either QuickTime or your compositing program before anything useful can be done.

Main Features:
- Full support for Canon EOS series HDSLRs
- Panasonic HDSLR support
- Higher quality output than Canon's E1 plugin
- Higher quality output than QuickTime Player or FCP
- Output at different frame rates
- Command line / shell scripting support
- DPX, ProRes and DNxHD output (DPX & ProRes Mac only, DNxHD Windows only)
- Complete control over gamma correction / flagging
- Raw YCbCr output option for unprocessed luma channel extraction
- Output luminance matte as an alpha channel (ProRes 4444 only)
- Timecode support (extracts Exif timestamp from THM files)

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