4Videosoft DVD Copy for Mac

4Videosoft DVD Copy for Mac 3.2

4Videosoft DVD Copy for Mac is a DVD duplication utility.

4Videosoft DVD Copy for Mac is a DVD duplication utility. It can be used to create copies of your DVD movies. The copies can be either burned on a blank DVD or saved into an image file, which you can later mount on your Mac or play using VLC or a similar app that can play ISO files.

When you first launch the application with a DVD movie in your drive, the app will ask you whether you want to detect it automatically this time, and if you want to save this setting for future uses. It is advisable that you choose the latter; It can save time in the future.

Once the movie is loaded, you will see all the titles that make it up, along with the audio tracks and subtitle tracks present in the disc. All the way on the right, there is a video player that lets you view your titles before you convert them. In most cases a DVD movie will have a bigger title that contains the movie and smaller titles that contain trailers and additional content. TV DVDs will have a few different titles, which contain one episode each. This information is relevant because the app lets you copy the whole disc, the main movie title or selection of titles. In other words, if you want to discard extra features and only copy the movie, you should use the Main movie mode. On the other hand, if you only want to convert a few titles, you can Customize the operation and select the ones that you want. You can also choose which subtitle and audio tracks you want to use in the Customize mode.

Once you are done with setting up the modes, you can select the source and target DVD drives and start the process. The app supports both DVD5 and DVD9 discs. You will find a useful bar at the bottom of the screen that shows the space required to burn the loaded DVD movie.

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