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4D is a database and application development software designed to serve small to medium businesses.
The program allows users to create and manage databases and to develop the structure and interface of business applications. 4D comes with its own programming language but an SQL engine is also included, so SQL commands can be used within this piece of software. Web-based technologies can be incorporated to it, like HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Useful HTTP client commands are available and various web content can be included in a line of code. Interactions can be ensured with external public data. The option for good organization and easy visualization of data within an app was to make list boxes available. The data contained in the list boxes can be displayed dynamically, which requires that the behavior of the boxes is coded. Automatic calculations can be set to be made, by assigning formulas to rows and columns. Where the user interface is concerned, the Explorer, Tool Box, Structure viewer and Compiler can be accessed in different windows. The Tools section provides five useful tools: Quick Report, Label, AP External Clock, 4D View and 4D Write. It is a pleasant-to-the-eye user interface and intuitive to browse through. However, making use of the workspaces and tools is a database and app design professional's job.

4D is a complex utility for creating databases and cross-platform business applications with dynamic interfaces.

Margie Smeer
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  • Code Introspection tools for code verification. Custom code explorer can be created
  • A choice can be made between using 4D's own programming language and SQL
  • Web-based technologies can be incorporated, like HTML5, CSS and JavaScript


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