4D Runtime Interpreted

4D Runtime Interpreted 2004.7

4D Runtime Interpreted lets you immediately deploy your interpreted applications
2004.7 (See all)

4D Runtime Interpreted lets you immediately deploy – without any additional cost – your interpreted applications to an unlimited number of users. 4D Runtime Interpreted's use is allowed for each development product in 4D 2004 and is used to open a 4D intepreted database in Application and User modes only, i.e without access to the structure and programming.
- 4D Database Engine
- Runs interpreted applications only. (To run compiled applications, see 4D Runtime Single User.)
- 4D Runtime Interpreted must be delivered to each end user with your interpreted database. (To merge your 4D application with your database, see 4D Runtime Volume License.)
- Commercial plug-ins (like 4D Write, 4D View) can't be linked to 4D Runtime Intepreted, and will run in demo mode.

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