3D Mummys Tomb 1.0

Display an Egyptian screensaver with a haunted tombs, mummies, and artifacts.
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3D Mummy's Tomb has ghosts, mummies, a sarcophagus and rooms filled with Egyptian artefacts. Travel through the rooms of the tomb including an entry room where Egyptian statues transform into ghosts, then he outer room where an ebony statue transforms into a bast (Egyptian black) cat. After transversing the mummy's tomb room you'll see the mummy breaking out of his sarcophagus and reaching out for you as he walks forward then fades into a wispy ghost. But that's not all! Revisit each room and see the bast cat ghost, Egyptian ghost people, and the mummy ghosts repeatedly. Haunting Arabic background music is perfect for this eerie screen saver. Demo contains full set of features. Have fun customizing this screen saver to your preferences including tint, brightness, sound mute and volume control. Contains animated gif images and sound file. Provides password protection.



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