3D Flag

3D Flag 3.0

Convert flag images into animated 3D flags.
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Turn your images into flags, pennants, and banners Use the Flag Editor to display the animation in real-time Make your flag starched or elastic, thin or tall Control wind speed, wind direction, and gravity Creating multiple versions for your scene is a snap Animate your flagpole for further realism
What's new in this version:
- The flags can have different pictures on the front versus the back.
- Animations are now loopable. Perfectly, frame-accurately loopable.
- The physics is now more realistic, and it's easier to create several flags that look like they are part of the same wind, but have their own "personality."
- Create curtains to generate a movie theater effect.
- Create roll-down and drop-down animations to reveal banners.
- Real 3D Flag Poles that can be made to look...

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