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1912: Titanic Mystery is a challenging hidden object and puzzle game.
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1912: Titanic Mystery is a hidden object and puzzle game with a challenging storyline.
The hundredth anniversary of the Titanic tragic sailing is commemorated by the launching of its replica, Titanic II, that will sail along the same route across the Atlantic Ocean and complete the journey started 100 years ago. Some descendants of the Titanic original passengers have been tracked down and invited to the voyage, and you are one of them. But, this is not really great, as almost right after your arrival you discovers that there is a bomb on the board. And, as it is said in the message you received, this is you who should find out where the bomb is and save the ship and all aboard.
So, your task is to search the ship locations and find all the clues to solve the mystery.

The game provides you with timed and standard modes, and offers you lots of various puzzles and hidden object scenes. Both (puzzles and HO scenes) are not difficult at all, but rather entertaining, so, the game play is relaxing. Just follow the instructions and be attentive. In the HO scenes you firstly should find 10 similar objects, and then find the objects from the list given. There are lifebelts in each scene, they are hints, add them to replenish you hints (you can hold maximum 6 hints at a time). When all the objects are found you are to collect broken pieces of the item depicted, which will open a puzzle for you.
Also the graphics of the game is rather nice, and the music is awesome, though, unfortunately, repetitive a little bit. Still, this is not irritative at all.
By the way, this is probably the first and the only game that made me read all the found entries of the diary.

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  • Challenging
  • Nice graphics and music
  • Lots of various puzzles


  • Music is repetitive



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