• Take a look at the list of upcoming and anticipated handsets of 2014 and decide what is worthy of notes and what is just a broken record.
  • Here are some gadgets and apps that will occupy your children and definitely make you free of fidget about child safety content.
  • People of the 80's and 90's, the things we've thought impossible to exist at those times are becoming real nowadays. Virtual reality is not a myth anymore.
  • Biometrics open new horizons in device and place security. Probably, in several years we will get rid of long symbol chains, called passwords.
  • Google has recently made some further steps towards the wider distribution of the Google Glass technology. Yesterday, on 15 April only, Glass headsets could be sold to customers in the US.
  • If you still picture a waterproof phone as a thick and ugly rubberized device able only to make calls and do some basic stuff, have a look at these five examples.
  • What if your sweet TV show got adapted into a video game? Would it be so obsessing in playable pixelated form? Figure it out with the top 5 games based on TV shows.
  • Overwhelmed with that immense choice on-line shopping offers? New comparison shopping service picVpic will help you find what you want.
  • Those lovers of modern gadgets who want to join a healthy lifestyle, but do not have any impetus to change the daily routine, can come to the aid of physical activity trackers.
  • I would like to highlight some of cool apps that could come as a clue to students' successful studying.
  • A new instrument for gamers is being invented: a mouse and a keyboard are becoming united in one device. You may have a chance to try it out soon.

Latest reviews

Point N See

Reviewed by Ashley Griggs 2 months ago

Point N See is a simple Mac application that comes in handy to users who require to zoom a certain area on their screen. You can work with this program to check a picture in detail or read scanned text documents with small font. The app allows you to select the magnifying level you require for...


Reviewed by Ashley Griggs 2 months ago

PinPoint is a Mac application for users who require to locate the mouse pointer on their desktop. This program was developed to help you work with dual monitors or presentations, when you can't find the mouse pointer on the screen. The app is simple to use and configure, brings you various mouse...


Reviewed by Ashley Griggs 2 months ago

When dealing with a large iTunes library, there are chances that your playlists might contain duplicated songs. An easy way to solve this problem is to use applications like Dupin, an efficient duplicate finder for Mac that helps you get rid of the unnecessary tune copies.

Snark Busters: Welcome to the Club!

Reviewed by Ashley Griggs 2 months ago

Snark Busters: Welcome to the Club! is a puzzle game where you play as the young lady, Kira Robertson, in her attempt to earn a place in the elite Snark Busters Club. You get to solve a wide range of riddles by finding missing objects on different locations and get closer to entering the...


SmallTask Free

Reviewed by Ashley Griggs 2 months ago

SmallTask is a simple application for Mac users who wish to manage their daily task with minimum effort. This program proves to be a reliable solution whenever you wish to keep track of your chores, remember of project due dates or business meetings.

CheckBook Pro

Reviewed by Ashley Griggs 2 months ago

CheckBook Pro is a personal finance program that enables you to keep a close eye on your daily expenses and schedule future transactions. By working with this application, you can create accounts where you can store information regarding home expenses, holiday trip deposits or credit card balance.

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