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TextCipher Free

Reviewed by Ioana Dumitrescu Yesterday, 9:46 AM

TextCipher is a simple tool that helps you encrypt and decrypt text-based content and images. The application is designed to protect highly important information by means of several encryption algorithms. This way, you will prevent the information from being disclosed to unauthorized users.

Fill and Cross. Pirate Riddles 2

Reviewed by Ashley Griggs Yesterday, 2:51 AM

Fill and Cross. Pirate Riddles 2 is a game that provides you with numerous challenges which put your puzzle solving skills to the test. Each new level brings you a nonogram (a type of puzzle) and your goal is to reveal the images hidden on the board by following the column and line indications.


Arranger Free

Reviewed by Ashley Griggs Yesterday, 2:42 AM

This Mac program was designed for users who work with multiple applications at the same time and wish to arrange their windows in an optimal way on their Desktops. Arranger is very simple to handle, provides you with a comprehensive help manual, and offers you easy-to-configure settings.

Vibosoft ePub Converter for Mac

Reviewed by Ioana Dumitrescu Yesterday, 2:30 AM

This application is designed to help you create ePub digital books out of PDF, MOBI, HTML, and TXT format files. Consequently, you will enjoy reading your favorite e-books on multiple hardware platforms, as ePub files are compatible with most devices. The results can be saved as separate files, or...


Enpass Free

Reviewed by Ashley Griggs Yesterday, 2:24 AM

Enpass is a capable program designed for various platforms that enables you to store and organize your private information. This application might prove to be of good use to people who created multiple personal accounts over the years and wish to keep the correspondent credentials in one place...

Asian Riddles 2

Reviewed by Ashley Griggs Yesterday, 2:22 AM

Nonograms are a type of puzzles where your goal is to reveal image hidden on the board by marking tiles according to the line and column indicators. Asian Riddles 2 is a game for Mac that provides you a wide range of nonograms, an integrated help guide, and plenty of other features.

Video to iMovie Converter

Reviewed by Ioana Dumitrescu Yesterday, 2:20 AM

Video to iMovie Converter is a classic video converter that optimizes files for playback and customization with Mac's iMovie video editor. The program supports a wide range of video formats. It keeps a history of performed tasks, so that you won't waste your time in converting the same video twice.

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