ZyGoVideo for QuickTime (OS X) 2.0

Create high-quality QuickTime movies for broadcast over the Internet.
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From the developer: "Start producing quality QuickTime video for Internet or intranet broadcasting and streaming today. ZyGoVideo 2.0 is a video compression codec based on Wavelet transforms for producing QuickTime movies. It produces video comparable in quality and size to MPEG4, but unlike MPEG4 there are no associated ongoing license fees. ZyGoVideo 2.0 delivers real-time video compression producing quality QuickTime movies for low-data rate streaming requirements that is unmatched in the industry today. The Pro version provides a full set of professional compression settings to control data rate, quality and encode/decode speed for a nearly limitless number of video sources.
"ZyGoVideo 2.0 features also include: Better color space for key frames; Precise key frame placement; Key frame sensitivity selection; Motion sensitivity selection; Smoothing video setting; Preset values for Media Cleaner Pro; and Tutorial guide for better compression. You can begin streaming QuickTime movies compressed with ZyGoVideo 2.0 right away. Playback of ZyGoVideo encoded movies is enabled through an automatic download of the ZyGo player from Apple when detected by the QuickTime player."



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