Zombie Graveyard Animal Rescue 1.0

Zombie Graveyard Animal Rescue is an original zombie puzzle game.
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Zombie Graveyard Animal Rescue is an original zombie puzzle game. Unlike most other games that feature zombies, in which you have to kill as many you can, this one actually puts zombies to good use. There are animals trapped in the graveyard and you have to guide a zombie through obstacles in different levels to free all the animals. You control the zombie by drawing a line on the screen that will help it to clear the obstacles on the screen. The line won't stay on the screen indefinitely, so you have to be quick and be ready to draw new lines when needed. The zombie will walk in one direction unless it encounters an obstacle or one of your lines. You start each level with a number of animals to rescue and a number of lives. Your zombie will die if it crashes against certain obstacles. There are twenty different levels and they become harder and harder as you play the game.

I played the first 5 levels, and they were really easy. The hardest thing I had to do in the time I played the game was to re-draw a line because I drew it too soon.

In conclusion, Zombie Graveyard Animal Rescue is a simple game that is original and easy to play. The game might get harder in the last few levels.

JF Senior editor
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  • Original idea
  • Easy to play
  • Instructions
  • Nice music


  • I didn't find the game fun to play or challenging



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