Zip Mac Files For a PC

Zip Mac Files For a PC 2.1

Create Windows-friendly ZIP archives.
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The Zip Mac Files for a PC program is a drag-and-drop application that creates zip files that won't confuse PC users. Mac users are accustomed to the simplicity of a Mac, but one problem with the Mac 'Create Archive' feature is that it includes these hidden files in the zip file. The Problem: When sending these files to PC users, they are often confused by the extra junk information.
Furthermore, PC users who use automated software to extract zip files will have their programs crash when receiving such files. The solution: Create your zip files using the 'Zip Mac Files For PC' program. It's actually faster and easier than the create archive feature, and the zip files it creates work on both Mac and PCs.
What's new in this version:
Fixed issue where the option to password protect zip files may not have been displayed on all versions of Mac OSX.Ready for YosemiteV2 Codesigning Fixed bug where spaces and dashes in file name could result in loss of folder structure

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