ZephIR 3.3

The ZephIR is a device which connects to a computer through a USB port.
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The ZephIR (pronounced zeffer) is a device which connects to a computer through a USB port. It enables you to use your computer to control almost any piece of equipment designed for infrared remote control. It is commonly referred to as an “ir blaster”.
It can control DVD players, receivers, VCRs, satellite boxes, cableboxes, children’s toys, televisions, and a host of other equipment. It comes with its own software and looks like a tiny black box with little LEDs on the front of it and a USB cable hooked to it. It is completely USB powered and requires no batteries or wall warts.
On Macintosh computers, the ZephIR is applescriptable. This means that it can be controlled by other applications such as EyeTV, RealBasic, and others. With this scriptability, it becomes a very powerful tool to control your home theatre.
The ZephIR provides the missing link to your hardware in home automation.
Although it is currently available only for Macintosh, it will soon be available in a Windows and Linux version. E-mail us to find out the current Windows/Linux status

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