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It lets you read comic books and offers to convert them into PDF and EPUB.
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Yet Comic Reader lets you read comic books (.cbr, .cbz, .cb7) and offers to convert them into PDF and EPUB format. You can simply transfer a comic book to your iOS device through AirDrop as PDF or EPUB optimized for iBooks on iOS. In addition, you can create a comic book from PDF and scanned image files.

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I have a very large collection of comics that I downloaded from the internet. Originally, the file was located on my 27-inch IMac. The iMac was connected to an external HD where the comics were stored. The external HD died, and there was no backup drive. The external HD was sent to a data recovery service, and a 2TB HD was sent back with the recovered comics on it. In addition, further downloads of comics were made and put on the 27-inch IMac, so the comics were located in 2 places: the 2TB HD and the 27-inch IMac. The 27-inch IMac died, and I bought a new IMac 24-inch with the M1 chip. The data from the 27-inch IMac was transferred to the new 24-inch IMac via a 1 TB HD. I attached a 4TB SSD to the 24-inch IMac, and transferred the comics from both the 2TB external HD (sent from the data recovery service), and the 27-inch IMac to the 4TB SSD. So at present, the 4TB SSD has all the comics. When I use Yet, it sometimes opens each comic successfully, and sometimes I get this message: "Failed to load (specific comic):Attempted to read past the end of file "/Volumes/4TB SSD/Comics/specific comic" (XADRARInputHandle)", and in this case the comic cannot be read. I don't know if this is a corrupted file, but the Apple rep told me this might not be the case. So Yet reads some comics and not others. I have noTime Machine backup. Is there a way for Yet to read the comics it has failed to load?

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Richard, I have the same problem, and I noticed that the app can now open .cbz files but not .cbr. Is it the same for you? Do you know how to fix this?

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