Yellow Engine Plus

Yellow Engine Plus 3.0

Yellow Pages directory data retrieval and email organizer for marketing campaigns.
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Sonya Technology

Customer file captures. Get access to an unlimited prospect files. Your request can be on one or several activities in different countries. USA (YellowPages, SuperPages & Yellow Book) Canada (YellowPages) France (Pages Jaunes and Blanches) Belgium (Golden and White Pages) and Switzerland (Local. ch). E-mailing campaign: Create quickly an efficient emailing campaign with a minimum of configuration. A tool made to pass through a lot of spam filters (if you follow the best pratices). Compliant with all kind of e-mail accounts. Geo-location: Geolocate easily your customers and prospects, to organize and optimize your prospection trip. All based on a simple Excel file or csv.Obtain the statistics and no more worry to manage the unsubscribtion request it's done automatically.
What's new in this version:
Regarding Yellow Engine 3, the added functionalities are: Historic of emailing campaigns, Statistics of opened and waiting emails, Statistics and manage automatically unsubscribe email requests, Statistics of opened emails by time and days, Detailed table of statistics email by email and can be downloaded in Excel or csv.

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