xeoma 20.2

A surveillance system supporting video monitoring and motion detection.
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Xeoma is a surveillance system that supports not only video monitoring but also motion detection and sound recording. The application is compatible with a wide array of hardware types, including IP, CCTV, and wireless cams. Likewise, it lets you watch multiple video signals simultaneously, and you can even monitor such input on your portable device.

The application is characterized by having a modular structure, which makes it extremely moldable to different needs. However, this probably makes it more difficult to use than other similar tools and it is a shame that the help documentation is quite poor. Luckily, it is still possible to use some of the default presets.

As said above, there are various modules, which include surveillance by not only video but also audio. Similarly, there is a module that detects motion in given areas. Fortunately, there is also a scheduler module to set the system to start monitoring at given dates or hours. There are even modules that can identify faces and certain objects.

Another convenient feature of Xeoma is that it helps you save disk space by allowing users to configure the video compression rate. What is more, there is a built-in player to view the stored files.

In case an extraordinary event triggers an alert, the user can get a message via SMS or email. Likewise, there is the possibility to upload snapshots and videos to an FTP location in such case.

All in all, Xeoma has the advantage of being flexible and adaptable to many different scenarios and hardware. The product is available through many licenses, including a free one. Moreover, there are paid licenses: Lite, Standard and Pro, which allow different numbers of cameras.

Pedro Castro
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  • Modular structure allowing different configurations
  • Sound detection
  • Face detection
  • Object detection
  • Motion detection
  • Alerts via text and email
  • Uploads video to FTP servers
  • Configurable video compression level
  • Supports various types of cameras
  • Allows monitoring video signal on portable devices remotely


  • Poor help
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