Wordsworth 4.3

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Wordsworth is an exciting game developed for people who enjoy solving word search puzzles on their spare time. The app features dozens of challenging levels, provides you with detailed gameplay instructions, automatically saves your progress, and much more.

You can choose between three game types: Classic, Timed or Tumble. In the first game mode your goal is to complete the tasks presented at the beginning of the levels. The difference between the first and the second game type is that the latter has a certain amount of time allocated to the completion of the challenge. Personally, I prefer playing the Tumble game mode where letters keep falling on the board.

An important advantage is that the app gives you access to many useful gameplay instructions. It also offers you strategies on how to reach the highest scores.

My only beef with this puzzle game is the fact that it doesn't offer you an option to create multiple player profiles. Hence, if you choose to start a new game, your previous progress will be lost.

However, Wordsworth provides you with a fun way to spend your free time in front of your Mac. In addition to that, it comes with a very reasonable price and uses a very small amount of CPU resources while you're playing it.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Nice, colorful artworks
  • Lets you choose between three game modes
  • Automatically saves your gameplay progress
  • Offers you gameplay instructions


  • Unable to create multiple player profiles
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