WOK StoneWars

WOK StoneWars 1.1

Easy-to-learn but challenging boardgame for 2 Players.
1.1 (See all)

WOK StoneWars is an easy-to-learn but challenging boardgame for 2 Players. You play online through the Internet or offline on an 8x8 board, where every Player has 8 Stones with 3 points on each Stone. The game features a unique way to move, hit and split your Stones. Choose from different game scenarios, play timed games and chat with your opponent while playing online. A help index to answer all your questions is also included. Players upgrading to the PRO version additionally get enhanced log features (load log/save log/replay log/continue games online) as well as play-by-email options, tools and new features (ie.'Online Buddies') 'WOK StoneWars' is part of the WOK strategy games family. The download and use of the BASIC 'WOK StoneWars' version is free of any charge.

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