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Record, modify, and organize audio tracks on your Mac.
08 Apr 2013
22 Apr 2010

What's new

v1.2 [23 Dec 2011]
- m4a recordings over 3 hours in length crash on OS X 10.5 with version of QuickTime prior to 7.4. Upgrade to QuickTime 7.4 or later recommended.
- Per-app recording does not work on OS X 10.7 Lion
- Live Preview doesn't work on OS X 10.7 Lion.Changes:
- Mute now works properly on OS X 10.7 Lion. (#4109)
- Live Preview is now disabled on OS X 10.7 Lion because it doesn't work. (#3958)
- Fixes a crash on OS X 10.7 Lion at launch. (#4119)
- Fixed a bug that caused Live Preview to sometimes not function. (#4126)
- Scroll position and size was incorrect when recording was opened in the editor. (#4054)
- Fixed a crash that could occur when scrubbing audio in the editor. (#4051)
- Fixed a hang that could occur when a background encode is canceled. (#4010)
- Fixed a bug that prevented a file from being exported as a QuickTime Movie more than once. (#4015)
- Fixed a crash that occurred when deleting silence in the editor. (#3757)
- Fixed Audio Unit reordering bug that resulted in Audio Units being removed. (#3955)
- Fixed a crash that could occur when scrubbing high sample rate (>= 96kHz) files. (#3960)
- Addressed a crash that could occur at the end of recording. (#3980)
- Ringtones are now put in the iTunes library and are handled by iTunes.
- Displayed waveform now follows playhead on new recordings. (#3938
- Exports now indicate the correct file name. (#3855)
- Fixed issue with audio units. (#3904 & 3095)
- Fixed scrolling in editor. (#3906)
- m4a files generated on 10.5 now properly play on 10.6 and iOS. (#2652)
- Duration of mp3s in the library now matches what is shown in the editor. (#3514)
- Fixed english localized strings file. (#3787)
- Clicking stop always moves playhead back to the beginning of the recording. (#3788)
- Audio settings in preferences no longer break when selecting 3GP. (#3791)
- Addressed crash when encoding audio that has 2 tracks. (#3792)
- Addressed bug that disabled quit menu item. (#3793)
- Fixed bug that caused the controller and prefs to lose sync (#3800)
- Addressed a crash that could occur when opening effects inspector. (#3622)
- Fixed a race condition that could lead to a crash in the editor. (#3678)
- Added work around for a crash that could occur when manipulating Apple's AUs. (#3723)
- Now properly installs and repairs the WireTapScheduler daemon. (#3724)
- Fixed small amount of "buzz" or garbage audio played at the end of a recording. (#3727)
- Better zoom and scroll behavior in editor. (#3744 and #3745)
- Popup menus in controller are no longer blank during recording. (#3747)
- Fixed a crash that could occur during recording if trimming or splitting on silence. (3748)
- "Heal" button now properly displayed for silenced regions. (#3750)
- Silenced audio now drawn correctly when fade duration is zero. (#3751)
- Text fields in Editor preference pane now immediately update. (#3752)
- Controller now works correctly with Spaces. (#797)
- Fixed a rare crash that could happen when doing a timed recording. (#2442)
- Fixed a bug that caused memory leaks and 0k m4a files when exporting long m4a recordings. (#3347)
- Can now delete first digit of pids. (#3568)
- MP3 duration is now correct in the library. (#3522)
- Fixed -2700 error when exporting to an iPod. (#3601)
- Can now add shorcuts for local export desintations. (#3613)
- Email exporter now exports properly when added as a shortcut. (#3615)
- Finder can no longer be "Quit on Stop" in processing. (#3619)
- Control point bubbles no longer get stuck on screen in Apple's AU views. (#3620)
- WireTap Studio is now a drag n drop install.
- Added menu items for selecting markers in the editor. (#3095)
- Updated first time launch sequence. (#3071)
- Updated application menu to comply with Ambrosia product standards. (#3063)
- Added "New Folder" button to "Save to Folder" panel in the library. (#2982)
- Can now specify the name of the file save to in the library when one item is selected. (#2982)
- Command-period now works to stop a recording regardless of wether or not an editor is open. (#2768)
- Editor view now syncs to playback immediately after opening a recording. (#2667)
- Timed recordings with the main controller are now implemented as a paused recording. (#2525)
- "Mute Mac Audio Sources" now also affects preprocessing time. (#1171)
- Files must now be imported into the library to be opened. (#342)
- Fixed a bug that could cause the controller window to disappear if it was moved fast enough. (#2767)
- Fixed a bug that could cause a small amount of silence to appear at the beginning and end of non-lossless recordings. (#1302)
- Option-clicking the "Live Preview" button in preferences now plays through without applyging format compression for less latency. (#2505)
- Icons for selected sources now properly updates in the controller when a source application is quit. (#2435)
- Selected sources in the controller remembers the last sources selected by the user regardless of the order applications are quit. (#2435)
- Library now shows an alert sheet when unable to rename a recording because of a name collision. (#2274)
- Preferences UI correctly updates it's enabled state when a recording stops as a result of unplugging a device. (#2413)
- Now offers the user the option of repairing a damaged or improperly installed AmbrosiaAudioSupport.kext. (#865)
- Added optional hotkey controls in the "Editor" tab of preferences for controlling editor playback. (#2807)
- Normalization sliders are no longer broken after performing Save Selection As. (#2582)
- Tags are now passed on to split files when splitting in the editor. (#1907)
- More complete listing of processes when option-clicking an input source popup. (#2987)
- Lossless original recordings are now CAF files for single source recordings. Multi-source lossless recordings remain QuickTime.
- No longer takes HFS file type codes into consideration when determining if a file can be added to the library. This lead to some false positives. (#4375)
- Splits now inherit the normalized volume correctly from the parent file. (#4514)

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