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WifiPadServer is an app that lets you use your iOS device as a gamepad.
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WifiPadServer is an app that lets you use your iOS device as a gamepad. The WifiPadServer gets installed on your Mac, Linux or Windows computer, and the iOS device needs to have the WifiPad app installed. When both apps are installed, you can connect to your Mac from the iOS device and on the iOS device's screen, you will see a touch gamepad, which can be used as an input device for your Mac. For example, you can play a little game of Call of Duty on your Mac, and use the iPhone to control it. Of course, that wouldn't be very smart of you, because no touch screen can give you the precision that you get from an actual gamepad. But the app works if you want to play some MAME or some simple game that only requires a few buttons.

From the WifiPadServer window, you can configure a few settings. You can change the speed of the mouse, and change the button configurations. By default, the app uses B, A, X, Y, L and R for the face buttons, the arrow keys for the analog stick and shift and return for the select and start buttons.

All in all, this app works well. It detected my iPhone instantly and I had no problems connecting to my Mac. I didn't try it with a hardcore game, but the casual Tetris on Mame worked well.

José Fernández
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  • It works great


  • Not the best tool for hardcore games
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