Who Is The Killer (Episode One)

Who Is The Killer (Episode One) 1.5

A murder mystery game with six suspects and one revealable plotline.
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Dmitry Glaznev

Who Is The Killer (Episode One) is a murder mystery game with six suspects and one revealable plotline. Through successful completion of minigames, players gather information on the crime scene and the suspects' opinions of each other using that information to eventually accuse or arrest them.

There are three subgames involved in the ascertainment of a guilty party. The subgame with the biggest time spend is a word deciphering activity that appears when a suspect is interviewed. If the information they are revealing is an alibi or dark secret - marked by a symbol and usually requiring familiarization to unlock - then the activity is a fill-in-the-blank selection for alternate letters in each word comprising the suspect's statement, where the word to be found is not specified. Otherwise, it's an easier letter descrambling selection activity where the word to be found is specified.

The second subgame is an object identification game where a blurred image is presented and clarified bit-by-bit to aid the player in selecting the correct object that's present in the scene. "Logic points" gained by rapid completion of the word activity grant an additional degree of clarity on this task. In turn, good performance on this task grants additional "coffee cups" that the player can use to interview suspects the following day.

The third subgame is the most obvious: figuring out who is committing the murders and arresting them successfully. The content of the images and the suspects' responses can be used to deduce the killer's identity, with plenty of red herrings along the way.

Sam Lloyd
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  • A good prototype for what a mystery game can be
  • Fairly consistent characters and plot


  • Not very replayable
  • Does not store information revealed by deceased victims
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