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Free WeatherBug Alert is a very simple weather utility for the Mac.
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WeatherBug Alert is a very simple weather utility for the Mac. Up until a couple of days ago, I used the default weather widget to check the temperature. It provided an easy way to check the current state of the weather, but for some reason, it stopped working, so I had to start looking for a replacement app. The first one that satisfied my needs was this incredibly simple app by WeatherBug. It simply puts the temperature on the menubar. There is no easier way to check the temperature than to look up to the menubar. It updates automatically whenever the temperature changes and it supports severe weather alerts in the US.

If you click on the menubar icon, you will be able to access the application's settings, from where you can change your location, set the unit that you want to use to display temperature (Fahrenheit or Celsius), and choose one of the alert types. By default, alerts are set to "High", which means that the icon will chirp and flash when one of the 23 different types of alerts is issued for your area every 10 minutes until you click on the icon to see the alert.

I thought the temperature displayed on my menubar was accurate. In comparison, when I tested this application, The Weather Channel informed that the temperature was 17 degrees where I am. Another weather service seemed to think that the temperature was 19. WeatherBug Alert displayed a temperature of 18 degrees. I have always trusted WeatherBug forecasts and I like how detailed they are. A great feature is that you can access those forecasts by clicking on the "Forecast" button on the application menu, which will take you to WeatherBug's website.

JF Senior editor
José Fernández
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  • Simple and accurate
  • Forecasts and satellite imagery are accessible from the menu


  • No automatic location finder
  • No support for multiple locations



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