Vyzor VoiceWorks 2.0

VoiceWorks has a full complement of vocal processing tools.
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This popular harmony processor has been used by songwriters, performing musicians, and jingle and movie music creators to put their creative stamp on vocals. VoiceWorks has a full complement of vocal processing tools from microphone preamp to four voices of harmony generation, pitch correction, reverb and tap tempo delay, compression and EQ. There’s even a song mode that allows you to step through a pre-programmed series of steps with the optional Switch3 footswitch.

Main Features:
- A complete signal path from mic input to stereo output. All you add is a PA, (or DAW) and your voice.
- Capable of creating up to 5 part harmony or doubling with your voice
- Harmonies can be controlled by MIDI keyboard or by setting key and scale
- 100 user-programmable presets
- Reverb and delay can be used simultaneously and have extensive editing parameters
- Thicken effect adds lush detune-style chorusing to your lead vocal in addition to other effects
- Compressor, 3 band EQ and gate
- Editor program for Mac and PC available free via download

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