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Learn English words and set expressions.
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Complete language skill training tasks and improve personal vocabulary. Search for specific language units to memorize or randomly select new words to learn. Display them and complete basic exercises to integrate the expressions into your everyday vocabulary.

Vocabulary is *the* app to learn - well, vocabulary - and of course everything else you need to get into your head quickly and easily. Vocabulary uses a combined learning approach that allows long term learning success but as well lets you make sure you are well prepared for that next classroom test. With our iOS companion app and our VocabularyCloud webservice you can even sync and learn your vocabulary with your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.
Some of Vocabulary's features:
- International: Learn about any language you want. Vocabulary is not one of those apps limited to just one language. You can create as many vocabulary sets as you want - one for each language you'd like to learn. And by the way - of course you can learn other stuff, too, history dates, math formulas, just about anything...
- Scientific: This is not just another question/answer app. Our internal spaced repetition learning system that leverages scientifically proven learning methods keeps track of your knowledge and makes you repeat just the things you were about to forget. Moreover, our system automatically detects which vocabulary you don't know that well and which you already do. Knowing that, our learning mechanism minimizes the time you need to learn and at the same time maximizes your learning success.
- Sync and Share: We integrated our VocabularyCloud service into Vocabulary - with an account from our website http://vocabularycloud.nicolasneubauer.com you can - with just one tap - synchronize all your vocabulary data and your complete learning progress to as many computers as you'd like and with our free app for your iPhone or iPod touch you can even learn on the go and sync back your progress later. If your friends use Vocabulary too and have a VocabularyCloud account you can maximize your learning efficiency by sharing vocabulary with each other.

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