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Vitrun is an interesting 3D puzzle game for the Mac.
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Vitrun is an interesting 3D puzzle game for the Mac. The premise of the game is quite original. It is the year 2174, and humanity is looking for habitable planets with unmanned starships. In this game, you are helping to train a new prototype robot that will be sent out into space. This robot is a sphere that you can control by either using the keyboard or the mouse. I found that using the keyboard was easier than using the mouse, but it is nice to be given the choice. There are eighteen different levels which vary in difficulty. Before each level starts, the game will show you what the layout of the level looks like and what obstacles you will have to avoid. Each level has a number of checkpoints and a time limit. You will also find a health meter at the top of the screen. To get a perfect score in each level (3 stars), you need to complete it without losing any health and as quickly as possible. Some obstacles will hit your robot and cause some damage. Sometimes, it is best to take the safe and slow approach rather than hurry your way through an obstacle.

In short, Vitrun is a nice game. I like the premise, the graphics and the gameplay. For only $1.99, this is a very fun game to play.

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