Virus Control Center

Virus Control Center 5.0

For convenient memory backup of the entire Virus TI and exchange of content.
5.0.3 (See all)

Virus Control Center helps you handle Virus TI data backups and allows you to overwrite the content of the
ROM preset banks. It can also update your Virus TI to the latest OS version, although the Virus TI software
suite installer usually takes care of this.
Backup and Restore
Backup and Restore allows you to write the entire memory content (including all RAM and ROM banks along
with all multi patches) to one single file on your hard drive. To perform a backup, select the Backup and
Restore tab, hit Backup and choose a filename and file location. Once that’s done, confirm by clicking “OK”.
Depending on your Virus TI model, backing up the entire memory takes between 5 and 25 minutes. Restor-
ing a backup file is equally simple. Switch to the Backup and Restore tab, hit Restore, select the file you
wish to restore from and click “OK”.
Burn To Flash
Burn To Flash allows you to overwrite the content of the ROM banks in your Virus TI. As you may have
already noticed, the Virus TI memory has been expanded to 26 ROM banks and all the new ones are only
filled with INIT sounds. All those unused banks are waiting to be filled using Burn To Flash. In order to trans-
fer a bank of sounds to the ROM section you need to select a source bank first. The “Select source bank”
menu shows exactly the same choice of banks you see in Virus Control.
Next you need to decide where you want to write the bank to. By clicking on the letters A-Z you select the
target for the transfer, as well as see the present content of the bank to be overwritten. Once you made up
your choice, hit “OK” and proceed from the top again in case you want to overwrite more banks in your Vi-
rus TI.

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