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Virtual Fireplace is an application that simulates fireplaces.
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Virtual Fireplace is an application that simulates fireplaces. Apparently, in earlier versions, Virtual Fireplace came with only two videos, one of a campfire and one of a fireplace, but it now comes with 12 additional videos. The app shows what looks like real high-definition footage of fires. They look absolutely stunning and the sound is mesmerizing as well.

When you first launch the application, you will see a panel that lets you choose the fireplace that you want to see. At the top, you will find the original videos, and below the 12 new ones. It looks like the new videos are all from the same fireplace, during different times and at different zoom levels. They all look great, anyway. I tried two different fireplaces, number 3 and 11. I paid attention to see when the videos started looping. The start of the loop was very noticeable in number 3, every 5 or so seconds. I couldn't detect looping in number 11.

In short, Virtual Fireplace is a great app to run on your Mac, either as a screensaver or just to relax while watching a nice fire. The app takes a bit to download from the Mac App Store, but that is because it weighs almost 1 gigabyte.

José Fernández
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  • The fireplaces look great
  • Looping is not evident in most of them
  • Cheap


  • Big download
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