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I was sick and tired of ripping my DVDs to my computer...
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Virtual DVDs... I was sick and tired of ripping my DVDs to my computer, and then to watch it I would have to open up DVD Player and browse the system to find the "VIDEO_TS" folder. This app creates "Virtual DVDs" for you that can be double-clicked and viewed in DVD Player without browsing for the folder.
After ripping your DVD, just rename the folder (the containing folder, not the VIDEO_TS folder) by adding a ".vdvd" at the end. This turns the folder into a file package (the icon will change). Now, just double click on it and Virtual DVDs will do the rest (the process is invisible to you).
Basically, Virtual DVDs is an app that adds a new extension to your system (.vdvd).
Now you can view these in Front Row!



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