ViewletQuiz 3.2

Make and publish your Flash quizzes and surveys.
3.2.12 (See all)

ViewletQuiz 3 is the first desktop software that allows you to create stunning graphical surveys, quizzes and assessments then publish them in one-click to the Internet. All surveys and quizzes are published in Flash format. They can contain sound, images, other Flash movies, etc. Each "Viewlet" reports in real time to a server where you can get all your data and statistics. You can also have the results sent to your email using our built in email reporting system. Why use other web-based products to create boring HTML surveys when you can create media-rich output to keep your viewers engaged so they actually want to fill it out. ViewletQuiz supports SCORM 1.2, 2004 and AICC to handle all your formal learning requirements.

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