VideoPier HD 1.5

Captures, transfers and edits camcorder videos.
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Create a connection between camcorders supporting MPEG2and AVCHD formats and a Mac device. Capture HDV files and process them in the editing module to customize the output videos. Make copies for disk burning, send the files over the internet or convert them to more common formats.

Note: According to the developer, VideoPier HD has been discontinued.
VideoPier HD adds the following features to VideoPier: Ability to capture HDV from tape-based camcorders. VideoPier handles scene detection, date detection and writes the files to disk in their native format (m2ts streams). Ability to export to Final Cut Express/Pro via XML. VideoPier will transcode the native files into Quicktime HDV when possible (i.e if you have the codec installed) or AIC in all other cases.



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