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Video Screen Lock 2.1

3 screensaver apps in one. It is a Aquarium...
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Voros Innovation

Video Screen Lock is 3 screensaver apps in one. It is a Aquarium, a Fireplace and a Sunset screensaver in one containing 9 beautifully looped HD videos.
+ 9 beautiful HD video scenes
+ Real videos, no fake computer animated fish, fire or sunset.
+ Optional Pass pattern protection
+ Hot corners
Sleek Design
- Choice of two clock designs: Flip Clock and Traditional Clock
- Displays current date and day of the week (Traditional Clock )
- Phone like design
Choice of 3 methods to stop/unlock the screensaver
1. Draw your preset Pass Pattern (autohiding interface)
2. Move the mouse
3. Click the stop button at bottom of screen (autohiding interface)
- Shows 9 beautiful scenes
- Start screensaver (slideshow) manually or set it to start automatically
Fully functional Status bar
- Smart phone like design
- Displays Battery level (shows charging when plugged in)
- Displays current Wi-fi connection name
And many more options
- Hide Dock or Status bar icon
- Autostart at startup
- Hot corner option to start screensaver
- etc.
Note: All videos are in HD+ resolution and optimised for 13'', 15'' and 17'' screens.

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