ViddyUp! 1.8

ViddyUp! is a multi-format video converter for Mac OS X.

ViddyUp! is a multi-format video converter for Mac OS X. The application was designed to let you convert your files so that you could easily add them to iTunes and then play them on your Apple devices like iPods, iPhones, and AppleTVs. Thus, it has conversion profiles for those devices and profiles varying in quality and resolution.

I discovered ViddyUp! when I realized that Handbrake was unable to hard-code subtitles on video files. I wanted to be able to have subtitles on my iPhone. ViddyUp! is the only solution that I have found for that problem that really works well. To hard-code subtitles onto your movies, you simply have to find SRT subtitles and name them exactly like your video. Then you add it and convert it and they will be there in your final file. And they play great.

ViddyUp! can open most formats without problems. I have experienced some problems with some H.264 HD files with multi-channel audio tracks, but for most files it worked fine.

ViddyUp! isn't perfect, though. I found that it hasn't been updated for ages and you can't really customize the quality much. All you can do is choose one of the three quality settings. Thus, you won't be able to calculate the final size of your files, until they have been converted.

But, as I said, ViddyUp! is the only solution to the problem I have, and so I will keep using it until I find something better.

José Fernández
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  • Works well
  • Cheap


  • Only a few quality settings
  • It isn't regularly updated
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