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Have you ever thought what will happen if you lost your beloved Mac? Wondering if-only there is a way to track it?
It is now possible with Verey I, a simple and ingenious software that helps keep track of your precious machine, globally.
When stolen, Verey I will start recording via a connected video capture device (e.g. iSight) and send emails to the owner's email addresses. The email will contain the necessary network information: IP address, machine serial number, MAC Hardware Address and nearby wireless network.
Verey I will also limit the usage of the machine by locking up the machine after a certain amount of time. During lock up, the machine screen will shows details how to contact the owner and other information set by the owner.
Now with Twitter support, you will also be able to receive the alerts via IM, SMS, email and the web! Cool app supported by cool web app.
No subscriptions or annual fees.
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What's new in this version:
Receive alerts not just to your email address but also to your IM, SMS and the web too!

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