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Venture Arctic 1.1

Venture Arctic is a game in which you are in charge of your own ecosystem.
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Pocketwatch Games, LLC

Venture Arctic is a nice time-management game where you are in charge of your own ecosystem. This game includes several locations in the Arctic pole to explore, and you will be able to change between seasons and manage your natural resources the way you want in order to maintain the natural balance. You can buy animals, kill them, make them sick, among many other things. The game will suggest what you should do by means of dialogues, but you can do whatever you prefer. In this game, you are in charge of maintaining all the animals that live in your area, so you must pay attention to their needs and health conditions. Your goals will be shown on the right of the screen, so you must also pay attention to them.

The game includes two modes: Normal and Kids. The Kids mode is obviously more simple and requires less skills. The game is also very educational since it continuously provides information about the animals shown in the game and their habitat. Sadly, the game graphics leave a lot to be desired, sounds are very simple, but the music is suitable.

Briefly, if you want an original time-management game in which you will be in charge of sustaining the life of a complete ecosystem, Venture Arctic may work for you.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Two modes
  • You can do whatever you want
  • Lots of animals to create


  • Not very easy to play
  • Poor graphics and sounds
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