USBVision Exporter 1.5

Export the media content into multiple QuickTime formats. The app is included in the USBVision suite
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Process and optimize QuickTime movies into other QuickTime formats such as DV Streams, H.264 or MPEG-4. Adjust and process the content settings to create a copy compatible with streaming and storage platforms like iTunes and video-enabled iPods. Save templates.

The USBVision software is capable of capturing a maximum of 29.97 frames per second for NTSC or 25 frames per second for PAL. The maximum frame size is 352 x 240 for NTSC and 352 x 288 for PAL. The actual frame rate captured varies with the video source. Generally the cleaner and less active the source, the better the frame rate that will be captured. Movies on VHS and DVD are captured at the best rates, approaching or sustaining the maximum rates possible.

The captured video quality is extremely good, with brighter colors and better contrast than typical DV captures. Video and audio synchronization is excellent, even with extremely long captures. Captured movies require only 4 GB of disk storage per hour.

In addition to video, the USBVision software is able to capture still images with a resolution of 704 x 240. The vertical dimension is scaled in software to match the increased horizontal resolution to bring the total still image size up to 704 x 480.

The included USBVision Export software will allow the export of QuickTime movies to any other QuickTime format including DV Streams required by iMovie and H.264 or MPEG-4 movies required by iTunes and video-enabled Pods. QuickTime Pro is not required.


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